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There is no denying that marijuana usage was frowned upon in the past. Society demonized marijuana in the war on drugs, and government officials were sure to make it illegal. Today, the tides have begun to turn. Several countries have started to legalize marijuana, and in the US, several states have legalized marijuana usage recreationally and even more so medically. The negative connotation associated with marijuana is dissipating.

The current cannabis industry focuses mainly on millennials and Gen Zers; however, this approach leaves the senior citizen audience largely untapped.

Typically, senior citizens tended to be against the use of marijuana, but now they seem to be buying into it. Why the change of heart, and why is it happening now?

There are several potential reasons for this.

Senior citizens typically have several health concerns. Conditions such as chronic pain, arthritis, and osteoporosis are common. Most of these conditions require expensive medication to alleviate symptoms.

Taking the proper medications at the right time on the right day can be difficult for some. Cannabis has been shown to help with a number of these conditions. Because of this, senior citizens are beginning to use marijuana more often to help them reduce pain, reduce anxiety, and sleep better.

Using marijuana used to be “taboo,” but now it is much more accepted by everyday people. Senior citizens may have felt awkward or weird buying marijuana, knowing that it is something that people frowned upon. With that stigma vanishing, they think that it is now acceptable to buy and use cannabis.

The availability of marijuana has also increased significantly. Finding someone on the street to sell cannabis was challenging, scary, and illegal. Now, it is possible to buy cannabis in a store as quickly as one can purchase alcohol. It is much easier for senior citizens to acquire marijuana now than it was in the past.

On top of that, they tend to have a larger disposable income. Their kids have left, houses are paid off, and they are either retired or working comfortably. This leaves them with a lot of financial wiggle-room, allowing them to buy the sometimes expensive cannabis products.

Another factor could be a nostalgic reason. They want to remember what it was like when they were young. Smells or tastes can sometimes trigger memories.

The social stigma surrounding cannabis is dropping, studies confirm medical benefits, and the availability is growing. It is not surprising that senior citizens are beginning to accept and use cannabis with the younger generations.